Stop Gossiping

Stop Gossiping

Basically, gossip is idle talk or rumor, mainly about the personal or private affairs of others. It is one of
the oldest and most familiar way of sharing (unproven) facts and views, but also it helps to figure out the errors
and other variations into the information transmitted. In our society people naturally loves to gossip. Many do it
and do not even realize it because it is second nature for them. Gossip really is not benefiting anyone, and is
likely causing harm somewhere along the line a friendship will end, someone will get their feelings hurt, or it
will just create drama. Once you have the tools to stop gossiping and tighten that lip, you will find that your
life will run a lot more smoothly.

Always be aware of things that endorse you to gossip. You have to allow your subconscious to identify gossip
before you can begin to stop it. After identifying, your next task will be talking less about that topic. If you
know that getting on the phone with a friend is going to turn into a gossip hour then you have to find a way to
eliminate it by either not answering the phone or cutting the conversation short. If you find yourself in a
conversation with a gossip pal, although you may have no other option but to listen, do not engage. When there is a
break in conversation try to change the topic. You can also stop gossiping by thinking in a positive way. You can
change something like, ‘Jane is so annoying!” and change it to, ‘Jane and I see differently, but she and I have
different points of view.”

Eliminate yourself from gossip. Ultimately, your gossip friends and gossip itself will not be able to reach you
after not getting any response. If you keep your lips sealed then it will be easy for you to stop gossiping.

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