Stop Cursing & Swearing

Stop Cursing / Swearing

Swearing is a bad habit developed by the company we keep. It is the source of other behavioral problems. Parents
must take care of the swearing habits because children tend to follow their parents. The key to stop cursing is
being conscious of own actions and being determined to stop.

Swearing is a dangerous habit. A habit is always difficult to break, so the first thing that you need to do is
recognize that you have a problem with swearing. If you think the only cool way to reply to a friend, parent,
teacher or co-worker is with an expletive, then you have a problem. If you don’t know how to speak comfortably
without swearing, then you have a problem.

Set reachable goals for yourself. Avoiding cursing or swearing during conversations, directly or over the phone
can help to rid of your bad habit. Both positive and negative reinforcement of behavior can stop it. Slowing down
the pace of conversation or writing can give someone sufficient time to deliver words which can prevent the use of
profanity. Pay attention when people swear. Try to perceive how irritating or annoying it can be. It can create a
sense of awareness. Non-swearing friend circle or family network can help curb this problem.

The swear words can be replaced by moderate words. A list of these words can help you to use them more
frequently. The swear words can slip out from the tounge out of habit but the replacement of words can prevent this
tendency while maintain the normal sentence structure. At worst, you can put some punishment on you like putting a
certain amount of money in a jar each time you swear. Otherwise, you can reward yourself when you recognize that
you finished a conversation without cursing or swearing.

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