Stop Complaining

Stop Complaining

Habit of complaining can be addictive and it diverts a person from a positive mindset and they lose zeal of
life. To give up this destructrive habit, the best way is to recognize it as a problem. Primarily, you need to keep
silent forcefully whenever any criticism comes into mind. You need to accept yourself the way you are. Don?t make
conclusion about others before you have the true knowledge.

You have to shed light on the positive sides of life rather than thinking about all the negative things. Think
about the nearby people around you and how happy you are compared to them. . Comparing your life with the deprived
and impoverished people will give a good picture of how privileged you are. You have to always think whether the
complain is a logical one or just coming out of the ego you possess. Then, drop the ego and widen your outlook
towards life. Ego is certainly responsible for unnecessary complaining. It is an impediment on the way of
compassion, love and relations.

We are bestowed with a beautiful life and we often a lot of blessings we already have. Recognizing and utilizing
them can make your life more meaningful and you will find no reason to complain. Practice adaption, i.e. put
yourself in others shoes. Think about the situations others are in. Think whether you feel good or bad if you face
the same behavior you show to others.

Be involved in something creative. It can activate your brain and heart and divert you from complaining about
life. Don?t be proud of your knowledge and achievements. People tend to reinforce others to accept them as
superior. But if people don’t accept them this way, they tend to complain more. There is no shame in revealing your
negatives because a sense of inferiority is the father of all sense.

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