Stop Being Defensive

Stop Being Defensive

Being defensive is the tendency to be possessive about own thoughts and argue with others. It can create
communication problem in social life. To curb this habit, its essential to think before reacting. Otherwise, other
person’s reactions can be ignored a smooth conversation is impossible. If you disagree with others opinion, you
need to analyze it before you attack your partner. Give a pause before saying anything and let other clarify what
they actually wanted to mean.

Its very bad to impose your opinion forcefully on others. Manipulating cant alter a persons own perception.
Rather, it will create conflict. Try to accept the differences. If someone denies your opinion, present your own
logic and ask them in which point they disagree. Getting other’s perspective is a good idea to make you more

If you are unfortunately wrong with your points, be brave enough to say sorry. There is no offence in accepting
own mistakes. Don?t ponder too much how impressively you do your conversation. What matters most is what’s being
said. The perception can be changed of the focus is on exposing yourself and defending your absolutely irrelevant
points. You have to express your opinion adequately and let your partners share their views. Correct and well
judged responses can enhance your impression more effectively.

Don?t think too much on other’s role. Instead of finding others fault, try to sharpen your logics. You have to
make proper your clarification of your points and just stay focused on. Otherwise, it will distract from delivering
the right sort of logics and you become defensive. Moreover, as it’s a bad habit, your subconscious mind should be
aware of this drawback. Then each time you talk, you can avoid this tendency gradually. Keep up-to-date with your
progress and appreciate own performance because you are the greatest motivator of yourself.

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