Stop Arguing

Stop Arguing

There are people around us who get an immense pleasure in arguing all the time. They think that it is a better
way to prove their potential and show people what they have got inside them. They always try to take upper hand
over others. People with these kinds of characteristics are very much annoying. In the meantime they are boring
also. What they do best is making a simple stuff more complex one and there is nothing bravery in this. These
people always look for the type of people who are simple and negotiable in nature, because they can show weird
logics before them whereas an intelligent person will gibe him or her a little value.

Argument is not alleys bad. Sometimes it is needed, but at end of the day the truth stands straight- excess of
anything is bas and excess of argument is the worst one. People are more likely to void these individuals and they
can not picture a long term relationship with. So at one point of life they become isolated ones and have to
restrict themselves in a cocoon. People may exchange a formal smile with them and that is it. They are done here
and their socialization process makes them the most unwanted person in the society.

People can hardly come up with anything good by this argument. It is nothing being rational all the time. At one
point of they start to realize that what their habit of argument have caused themselves. After realizing this, they
may also give a try to get rid of this behavior, but it is in their instinct and they can not get rid of so easily.
It is being evolved for a long period of time but they should keep try to eliminate this non sense behavior from
their characteristic.

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