Stop Apologizing

Stop Apologizing

There are many people around us who do not have the minimum sense of self esteem. These people hardly understand
the significance of self esteem. They treat it as a less important tool of life and do not bother about maintain
this. Self esteem, self respect, attitude these are all cheap word for this particular category of people. They
tend to show apology over trivial matters and they consistently keep doing it. It does not even matter for them how
worthless they are becoming front of others. They show confession just for the sake of showing it, no matter it is
needed or not.

People should show apology only when they need to show it. The aspects of self esteem, self respect has to be
considered again and again. No one should compromise in case of self esteem and self respect. These two are the
determinants of value of person. On the basis of these two a person is usually evaluated, besides these there are
also some other determinants available but these two are the core ones. Sometimes an apology can settle the
dispute. But it does not mean that, a person has to go for this option. He or she has to look for other viable
options by which their value is not being reduced. People need to be rational in apologizing to others.

Those people who keep saying sorry or these sorts of regretting words tend to diminish their own value. They
humiliate themselves and when a person humiliates him/herself other people will also take the chance. Apologizing
is sometimes a good and only option in settling the disputes. In these cases, people should apologize because this
is the rational demand of the situation and people must fulfill it. Other than this, should keep ourselves away
from apologizing.

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