Stand Up for Yourself

Stand Up for Yourself

In this earth we have arrived as a sole entity. All through the life we come across many people, some of whom
become our near ones. We depend on themselves for various purposes and they also depend on us. But at the end of
the day the truth, we are all alone. At one point of life there will be no one beside to help us around. We will be
all alone again. We should practice and get prepared for these types of situations in our life. We should always
stand up for ourselves rather than depending on others. There is a distinction between selfish and this aspect. The
later one is ethical one and appropriate for all kinds of people.

We should always try to speak on behalf of us if think it is rational. We should not keep our mouth shut all the
day and endure the unethical stuffs. Moreover, we should possess the whimsical thought that another people will
come forward to help us. These kinds of people are rare and if anyone experience s them, then they are quite
fortunate. It may be difficult to find these types of people, but we will always find people who are eagerly
waiting to cause us problems.

This world is ruthless. It has instilled such mentality into the people that, they consistently keep trying to
squash others under their feet and come ahead. They have to ahead of the game by hook or crook. So it is always
better option to stand up for ourselves. This requires guts, courage, confidence and self belief. Unless a person
makes an integration of these, he or she will not be able to stand up for him/her. Just standing up for once, will
not seal the deal, they need to maintain it persistently and get over the odds of life.

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