Saying No

Saying No

Human being is really a very interesting creature. A lot of varieties can be found from person. Some persons
think the life as a friend and some other keep cursing it. The later group of people hardly can see the bright side
of life. Some people have a good judgmental power and many others can not even differentiate between right and
wrong. In this world it is very important to know the real good and avoid the bad. Besides this, people should
picture the image as an optimistic one and grab the opportunities made by it.

Some people have put the habit of all the stuffs that they come across. They can not even bother to justify
whether they can do it or not. Just from watching the nature of a job these people take a step back from it. It is
their habit. They are accustomed to do this. A notion being negative all the time cripples their mind and they
hardly can get over it. They are master of ruining things. There are better at saying no to all the stuffs. This
decreases their capabilities in an unconscious way and they hardly can realize. They are being conditioned with the
word no so severely that they even stumble in the small tasks. They are being consistently humiliated for their
approach to life.

Success remains a dream for people of these kinds as they are habituate in avoiding responsibilities and duties.
If saying no is for the bad deeds then it is completely appreciated. For example quit smoking, drinking etc. In
these cases people are usually determined that in every scenario they have to say no and keep themselves away from
these junks. So we have to careful what way we are choosing and how we are going to approach to that.

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