Nervous Talking

Nervous Talking

Human being is the most intellectual creation of the Almighty. The Almighty has shown his versatility by
creating each human in a different manner. From the appearance it is hard to find any similarity among them. In a
broad sense, some people have similar types of attitude. But if we narrow it down, they are also different. There
are some people out there who are extrovert, who can easily connect with people, talk with them without any
hesitation and in most of the cases they build a long term relationship with people. On the contrary, some people
are not meant be extrovert. They find talking with people the toughest job of their life. They get nervous before
talking to people. They have to think twice or more than that, what they are going to talk about. They get messed
up in front of people.

This kind of nervous talking can be an inherited problem. It can be because of a not-so-desired past experience
or it may be also caused by the power distance. There are plenty of reasons for this problem, among them above
stated ones are the typical ones. People having this problem can be a rite of passage types. It is tough to
overcome this problem for this category of people but not impossible.

There are some people who might have faced an embarrassing situation in the past during their talking, so after
that they become nervous during conversation with others or during public speaking. Apart from these factors,
people with little knowledge about the outside world are likely to be less interested in taking part in
conversation or this type of event. The process of overcoming this problem is to gather more and more experience
and when you take stick to the core point. It means when you talk, talk something which make sense.

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