Making Small Talk

Making Small Talk

Small talking is a powerful tool to make new friends and proving yourself more extrovert and open minded. It can
be a difficult task at times but proper technique and self confidence can make it easier. In various social
situations, small talkers can connect themselves more comfortably than those who are not. The best way to Practice
is to Converse with anyone you come across like people in a queue, doctors’ waiting rooms, co-passengers,
neighbors, colleagues and even children. Don?t hesitate to approach people to start a conversation.

Keep abreast with current events which will help to discuss about variety of topics. These can range from
education, sports, showbiz, religion, politics etc. Studying books, magazines, product reviews, doctors advice etc.
can help increase the domain of knowledge. Try to get familiar with culture. Keeping an eye on art, fashion, media,
drama, novel and cinema can be a good source of conversation. Talk about the favorite TV shows like “Castle” or The
Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Giving oneself floor at times in front of the mirror can help sharpen the oral power. You can randomly choose a
topic and can test how much knowledge you have on that topic. Try different things like playing golf, painting,
skiing, and going to a new restaurant. These will help expand your horizons and you will have more to chat.

Being a good listener can lead to a good small talker. Actively listening will help give a sound feedback.
Maintain eye contact to stay focused on your conversational partner. Act confident and at ease even when something
is bothering you. Otherwise, it can distract both you and your partner. Body language is great part of small
talking. Shyness or hesitation can be a hindrance of conversation. So, a build-up of confidence and gaining more
knowledge is inevitable.

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