Listening Skills

Listening Skills

Listening is an important part of learning. Listening is more effective than seeing it. When people put their
whole concentration in it, you need to be a good listener you need to acquire and practice some listening skills
that will develop your ability of listening.

Listening organs works all day long. Even if you are looking on something else you can still hear what your
teacher is saying. If you are a good listener you can get that entire lecture. so listening skill should

If somebody want to be good listener at first he/she needs to act like a good listener. Now a days there is
information clutter. So in order to receive your required information you should look at it and concentrate at it.
Secondly use as much organs as you could. That will help you better understanding and longer lasting. Thirdly, you
should shut down your mouth while listening. If you talk while listening it will cause noise and distraction. If
you have any question regarding your lecture ask after the lecture finish. Finally, you need to move your mind to
concentrate on what the speaker is saying. Don?t try to judge or process the information you get while listening
the information. This will also distract your listening. An open mind and receive and listen only at once.

Never lose your concentration to the source. If you lose some part of it you try to retrieve the missing part.
Meanwhile you also are missing the current part. That is why you always need to be attentive to your source of

As we discussed earlier listening is an important part of learning and thus it needs to be developed. You dont
need any external training to improve it. By following the above you need to follow the above guide line. You need
to be a good listener in order to be a good speaker.

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