Stop Thumb Sucking

Stop Thumb Sucking

One out of every ten children tends to suck their thumb. This habit continues if parents don’t interfere. The continuous sucking brings detrimental effect to the alignment of their permanent teeth. But it is a natural habit
that often womb. The best way to compel a child to continue thumb sucking is to make them realize him or her to stop. It is better is to wait until the child is convinced himself to give up the behavior. Being irritated by the
mates at school about thumb sucking can do the trick and they will have realized their own.

Strategies like game-playing, reward-based system can be applied which can help kids stop sucking their thumbs.  Gifting toys or other merriment things can increase their fervor. For each day the child stop sucking his or her
thumb, he or she can be appreciated for the efforts. At the end of a month, you can present a bigger reward, like dinner at the child’s favorite restaurant if the improvements are conspicuous. Negative reinforcement is never
useful. If the child fails, it may be bad to use a negative reward, such as scolding or forbidding him or her from watching the favorite carton. Softer voice with good explanation of the danger can do the trick.

There are some weird cruel techniques. Parents often use bad-tasting fluids like vinegar or pickle juice and put on the thumb to keep the child from putting it in his or her mouth. However, this method should not be used as
punishment. Emphasis the positive points by clarifying the child that the fluid will help remembers his or her goal. Instead, parents can place a glove or on the child’s hand as a reminder to keep them away from sucking thumb. Distracting the child with activities that require both hands is a good trick.

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