Stop Scratching

Stop Scratching

People with severe eczema, are driven crazy with the intense itching and eventually scratching. Scratching the skin is a habit developed from skin problems but they can lead to severe problems when they insert bacteria through nails and other harmful germs.

Scratching can produce eczematous rashes. Primarily a slight itching makes the skin feel scratch. But it eventually spoils the skin, deteriorates inflammation. It irritates surface nerves which can pose bigger of more
extreme itching than previous one.

To check scratching, the skin should be allowed to reach the pint of itching. Its always suggested by doctors to keep skin moist and well hydrated. Eczema patients need to follow it most. Lotions, creams, oils, and ointments are instrumental in helping keep the skin moist.

Emu oil is the best product to keep the skin moist. It also prevents inflammation and itching effectively. A balanced diet can certainly help the growth and development of healthy skin.

Too much stress intensifies Itching and scratching. If one knows how to manage the pressure and stress, they can surely keep the eczema under control. Abundant breaks, holidays and entertainment can reduce the workload and tension. A half an hour massage therapy sessions in a nearby spa can be advantageous for the skin.

If the need to scratch is too much, one should scratch really hard for a while and stop doing it later. If the need to scratch is visible, put ice or cold water over the itching area and then pat the area dry with a clean
piece of cloth. Housewives should maintain some cautiousness. They should wear gloves when washing dishes or clothing as detergents and sops can cause itching. People should avoid using any skin products or laundry products with added fragrances. There are chemicals in them which can provoke scratching.

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