Stop Nose Picking

Stop Nose Picking

It is time to stop this insanitary habit right now. It starts with accepting that you have a nose-picking habit and then being strong-minded to arrest it right now. Show your child how to use a tissue and keep them available at
all times. This is easy. Admire your child when he uses a tissue instead of his finger. Offer a prize, such as a treat, for her success.

Give your child something else to do with his hands. Sometimes, nose picking is a sign of monotony and giving your child something to divert her can work wonders. A coloring book is perfect to offer your child. Keep your
child busy and having a good time. Just make stop doing it. Stop picking that nose of yours and let your nose breathe easy. It’s time to smell the roses rather than your pinky. And if you can’t do that, paint your finger tips
with something smelly like anti-nail-biter solution. Put your nose off.

Keep it not noticeable if you must do it. If you really, really can’t resist, at least do it where nobody else can see you, or pick it inconspicuously. One way out every time you go to washroom makes it a point to remove
mucous from nostrils. The more you clean in closed quarters, the need or urge to pick nose fall down.

Clean out your nose every morning and evening. Try a sinus rinse that uses saline to wash out the place in your nose where the mucus originates. Eliminating the booger source eliminates booger creation. No boogers, no urge to pick. Don’t let your finger go in. A band-aid is very supportive. One generally picks nose with a particular hand and a particular finger. Put a band-aid on that finger for a few days. The finger will not go unconsciously in your

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