Stop Nail Biting

Stop Nail Biting

Nail biting is cause for many different reasons, like stress, boredom, anxiety or a lack of comfort. People with bigger nails often seem to have the tendency of nail biting. Even dead skin around their cuticles does not escape
this torture. Nail biting is a b habit as it makes the nails look ugly and unkempt. Even at times, there are unknown kinds of germs which remain concealed under the nail. By biting the nails, these germs enter the stomach
which in turn makes people ill.

To stop this habit one must decide that they are going to stop it. Self determination is the primary key. Besides, one should Visualize oneself with healthy nails, and how superb they will look. At times you can select a
particular finger that you will not bite and can do the biting on rest of the fingers.

Rich foods containing calcium and magnesium can help repair your nail and grow well. You can also gently push the cuticle of the hands to expose the nail more towards outside. After the shower, it is easy to do as the nails
remain softer. Nails should regularly be cut with nail cutters. It’s a good idea to put carrot sticks to the mouth to distract it from biting nails. Even chewing gum can be useful. Girls can coat their nails with heavy nail polish
which will give their nails firmness and aversion to biting. Regular manicures can be done. Another weird idea is to use nail biting cream which is painted on the nail. They taste extremely bitter and it prohibits from nail

Those who can get their behavior given up, they should create new habit to deny the previous one. If someone bites nails when in tension, they can do something else instead of nail biting. There are relaxation techniques
like deep breathing, closing eyes. Tapping with fingers or humming music.

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