Stop Impulse Buying

Stop Impulse Buying

Impulse buying means buying things you don’t require and cannot meet the expense. It also includes a feeling of regret after buying something. To check this habit, its a god idea to think o f purchasing the item you liked in
the next visit to the shop. Then after reaching home one can find those same items already decorating the house.

Have a reliable friend accompanying you while shopping who can resist you from buying unnecessary things. Draw a financial plan yourself to check your affordability and tendency of spending. Use cash for payment. Always carry limited amount of money for preventing you from over purchasing. Using a card can make it worse as it can expand your ability to purchase more.

Receiving catalogs through email and other means can enhance temptation. You better not look at them and ignore their call. The lucrative advertisements are meant for commercial purposes and they can easily increase your temptation. You need to judge of your own which product you actually need and whish you dont. Some people do impulse shopping to encounter emotional problems. Creating a list of those impulses that drive you for shopping can help you identify your problem and your awareness can reduce their intensity. Share your feelings with friends and family.

A list of items prior to shopping can help you reduce expense. The number of items should be specified so that you don’t unnecessarily buy more than needed. Its very important to resist temptation for free offers and
discounts. Shopping for foodstuff should be done with a full stomach. The hungrier you are, the more you are attracted towards delicious items. And don’t use shopping as a leisure pursuit. Some people do shopping just
because they have nothing else to do. Look for other pastimes to get rid of boredom.

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