Stop Chewing Gum

The chewing gum is a temptation for the kids and they fall victim to the bad affects. It can reduce the appetite level at times of the kids and make parents suffer. A chewing gum is so harmful that if it is swallowed, it will stay in stomach for seven years. It could lead to the intestine and can damage the immune system.

Chewing gum with sugar can cause tooth cavity and decay and other germs. It creates a coating of sugar over the tooth and can destroy the tooth. The enamel coating of the tooth can be damaged as well. It can cause an increase in phosphate concentrations in plaque and saliva. It also supplies lots of excessive calcium and result in an increased v level. Temporomandibular joint problems can also result from excessive chewing gum consumption. A continuous and long lasting chewing of the gum can cause muscle fatigue and pain.

Chewing a gum make the stomach and intestines work constantly as they get little time to slow down the process. It can lead to ulcers, cancers of different kinds and stomach burns. Chewing gum contains various gastric elements as well. Chewing a gum in empty stomach can increase other stomach problems.

Continuous chewing can reshape the face and create wrinkles. Chewing gum contains various artificial flavors, sweeteners, fragrances and colors which can be severely detrimental for health. It reduces the elasticity of the skin and there are fold around the mouth which can look very ugly.

So chewing gums should be avoided and alternative food habit should be developed. Those who have been habituated should not chew for more than 15 minutes. And the most recommended form of chewing should be the sugar free ones which are less harmful than those containing excessive sugar element and fat elements.

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