Lip Biting

Lip Biting

One of the worst habit of human is lip biting. It is quite common habit among people. It falls under Self Injurious Behavior (SIB) in which human hurt himself. Many people bite or lick their lip when they are nervous,
thinking or passing times. That may cause injury to their lips and permanent spots.

Many consider it harmless. But it isnt a habit to be ignored. If someone does it often it causes injury. It is a habit that builds up in human for a long time. Its causes lip injury like lips turn pale, dry and sore. It needs to
be stopped. But people can?t stop it because they do it when they are tensed. That time their sensory organs aren’t respond normally. They subconsciously do it.

People usually bite lower lips more than upper lips. As a result lower lips get more damaged. This causes dissimilarity between two lips. It ranges from mild to severe difference. Its cause several lips diseases like
sore, peeling, dry and inflamed lips. People who damaged their lips may also have mental diseases as research shown so far.

If you have lip biting syndrome and you cant stop it then you need to visit your doctor. A question may raise which doctor should I visit? Well you obviously need to visit your dentist. Lip biting damages the layer of lips.
As a result excessive exposure to sun causes lip cancer. They also examine what causes the syndrome, how long you have it. The treatment of this is stopping biting your lips.

Some people stop this habit on their own. They can stop this syndrome easily. But people who can’t stop this habit they need assistance of doctor. The doctor may give splints which will help to prevent injury. Lip
moisturizing creams can be helpful too.

Lip biting syndrome is not a habit to be ignored. Its a long term habit which is a disaster for your lips. So stop the habit from the beginning so that you are safe.

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