Hair Pulling

Hair Pulling

Hair pulling, which is simply known as Trichotillomania. This is defined as the hair loss. This hair pulling or hair lose can be happen from all the body parts of a person. Hair can be pulled out from the scalp hair, nose hair,
eyebrows, and facial hair or from other body hair. This tichotillomanina is mainly classified to all of us as Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder. This is an impulse control disorder.

Now lets find out the signs and the symptoms of the hair pulling. With the definition is found that only two sites of the body can have this type of problem. But the reality is it can involve in different parts of the body.
We already discussed that in which places of the human body can have this type of problem. Instead of other places the children will have pull hair from the areas others than scalp.

There are many causes are available behind the problem of hair pulling. But from all the reason anxiety and depression is the most common reason for what the victim of this problem is losing their hair. For more targeted we
can say the stress of human is main cause of this problem. That’s hair pulling is overlie with another stress based disorder that is known as post traumatic stress disorder.

Now let’s find out what are the related sources which can solve this problem. As we all know this problem can begin from the very early life. So, to stop this problem the parents needs to take some steps like do not give
their child at school at very early of the age. Giving presser on the child should need to be stopped from the very early life. Now, for the people who have the habit of have stress they should need to go for behavior modification program to remove the stress from the life and save them from this hair pulling.

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