Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits

Human being is created in a way where there is always a proportion of good and bad. Perfectly good or completely bad are rare. It may sound insane, but it is the truth.

The individual, whom we consider as good, may have the higher portion of good part inside them. But it can not be guaranteed that, they do not have any bad sides, it may be less exposed, but they surely do have some bad habits. For the people whom we consider bad, are just vice versa.

In human nature, habit is a tough thing to change and if it is about bad habit, it is the toughest of all. For breaking bad habits, various facets have to be considered. The major ones among them are age factor, intensity of
the bad habit, the frequency of doing this, the surroundings and most importantly the psychological factors.

To get rid of bad habits, at first we need to consider age range of that particular individual. The more adult he/she is, the more he/she has to struggle to triumph over the bad habit. The intensity of the bad habit needs to
be fixed.

Before exceeding the limit, if someone can identify the bad habit and develops a mind set up to get rid of this, then it becomes much easier to modify it. The frequency of the bad habit also needs to be deemed.

The psychological factors can play the lead role if the factors used in right way. For this, first we need to consider is there any certain reason why he/she is consequently maintaining the bad custom. Then it needs a
thorough analysis and after going through this phase, the proper measures need to be taken.

The individual convicted for the bad habit, should also possess a belief that he/she can recoup from this. These will ensure that the bad habit won’t be repeated again in near future.

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