Stop Marijuana Smoking

If you are considering stop marijuana smoking then you may be at a point where you are collecting information about ways to do so. Overcoming any addiction to drugs is something that is always best to do with others, however, there are also things you can do by yourself in the interim. Certainly having a support network is crucial if you are serious about successfully giving up marijuana smoking, and moving to a much better place in life.

For many people who smoke marijuana, they often do not realise what they have been missing in life until they are totally free of it. Quite often, it is almost as if a veil is removed from their life and they can begin to see a point beyond the fog. This can actually feel quite empowering, and once a person reaches that point than typically that is strong enough to support the person’s decision to be pot-free.

Of course, until an individual reaches that point is a high chance that they may remain in denial at least to some degree. The nature of the beast suggests they are often quick to create excuses, deny responsibility and even defended their actions of smoking marijuana. In the end however, all of these short term defence mechanisms do not compare to the freedom a person can have from breaking free of cannabis.

Whilst smoking pot does not affect people like designer drugs, they do have their unique drawbacks.long-term marijuana smokers reported a complete lack of motivation as well as a mental fog which keeps them from doing anything meaningful. Although some doctors can prescribe medical marijuana for pain management, heavy long-term smokers are usually only using for recreational means. The mental fog which companies smoking pot can also be one of the biggest factors that make quitting smoking that much harder.

How does hypnosis help with stop smoking marijuana

Although quitting and addiction to drugs is not a walk in the park, it can be made less troublesome with hypnosis. Hypnosis can assist with reducing cravings, improving motivation, clearing some of that fog, and generally empowering a person subconscious mind to get on board and help them with their decision to become cannabis-free.

The person who wishes to get away from marijuana, and remains strong in the decision, can use hypnosis in two different ways. Firstly, they can seek a clinical hypnotherapist in their area that can work in a one-on-one situation. And secondly, they can listen to self hypnosis MP3s that are especially focused on kicking the marijuana addiction.Each direction has its own unique benefits. Visiting a clinical hypnotherapist requires you to open up about your current situation, and depending on the therapist can be quite in-depth. On the other hand, listening to a self hypnosis stop smoking marijuana MP3 can be done in the privacy of your own home, and you can listen to it as many times as you want without paying each time. Both alternatives can be used together for optimum success.

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