Stop Compulsive Hand Washing

Compulsive hand washing is a sort of disorder which forces people to wash their hands repeatedly without any significant reason. It happens in an unconscious state of mind. Even after knowing that, this kind of behavior does not make any sense, the obsessed people keep doing it recurrently.

People suffering from compulsive hand washing are mainly afraid of the problem of contamination by germs after touching someone or something which is in most of the cases completely irrelevant. They spend a huge amount of time in just washing their hands. After doing this repeatedly they feel really secured. But it is nothing but a temporary feeling, because after a while they again do the same thing.

To stop compulsive hand washing it is very necessary to manipulate the brain and keep that intact. For this the hypnotherapy and the cognitive behavior therapy is the most popular ones. In compulsive hand washing process, the patient is being conditioned with washing hands every time without even thinking of the requirement. Here for him or her, the reinforcement is the state of mind which keeps nagging to wash the hand. Until the requirement is being put into action, the mind keeps pushing the sufferer. So at one point of time, he or she is enabled to do the conditioned thing.

In hypnotherapy, the reinforcement is coaxed from the action. This process gives the patient a platform to relax the mind and body. Here the patient is guided to the desired state of being and continuation of this process helps the patient to overcome the disorder. Apart from, the mental set up and the surroundings are also important factor in stopping the ritual hand washing. The sooner the problem is identified, the easier it will to resolve the disorder and carry a normal life.

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