Shopping Addiction

Different people have different types of infatuations in their life. These are their incentives for life. These work as a fuel for the people. They carry out these things neither in the basis of rationality nor in the basis of any cognitive process. They do it because they love. But at one point these simple stuffs become so severe that, it turns out to be a disorder. Shopping addiction is simply like it. Shopping addiction is also known as oniomania.

This is also characterized by compulsive buying disorder. Shopping addiction is disorder for those people who feel stressed, anxious and nervous until they buy the desired stuffs. This addiction also includes excessive  shopping habit.

People suffering from shopping addiction generally build a cocoon of stress around them way before they start for shopping. Their each and every activity is being affected because of this thought and it continues until they buy the so craved stuffs. From them shopping is a tool to get relief from stress and anxiousness. They also have a habit of buying things which are not even needed for them. They take a massive stress to buy this out and until they fulfill their irrational desire they are stressed out.

Both of these behaviors affect the life of a shopping addict very badly. As these people take unnecessary and extra stress their daily life is being crippled. They hardly can realize the bad affects of their disorder. So they never take necessary steps to get rid of it. The habit of compulsive spending make lead them to severe financial crisis as in most cases it is seen that people are huge debt just to fulfill their whim. To stop this behavior they are more likely to be recognized with their problems. Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavior therapy are also useful for this.

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