Overcome Internet Addiction

Internet is a very important thing now days. In this modern era it is very hard for a person to live without this. In every steps of a person’s life they bound with the name of internet. This is a window of the world. People can see the world with this internet. In business, in study whatever it is people are bound to use internet now.  All of these things can say us that internet is very helpful things, but it not anymore important when it become an addiction.

At first lets find out that what the internet addiction really is. Internet addiction is a type of disorder.  When a person start to use internet excessively then it is can be said that an internet addiction. To say this is as an addiction, this proposal was proposed by Ivan Goldberg in 1995. Some people may argue that, is that moment people has the problem of internet addiction disease or IAD, but in today’s world there is no doubt to say that
people has addiction of internet. And day by day it is increasing in great speed, which greatly dangerous for human and for these reasons people is facing a great number of mental and physical problems in everyday.

Let’s find out the reasons of why people are adopting this addiction, the first reason is this modern life. This modern life gives the chance to the people that not to have lots of work. So, to pass leisure they pass time by internet. They found all the things in internet. They can play games and also can meet with different friends by internet social service. All of these things pull the person to go to internet again and again. Using internet when turns into addiction a person never can understand that so they must need to aware about that.

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