Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning is a disorder where an individual keeps cleaning recurrently a same thing to ensure that it is completely clean and safe to use. In the initial stage, they like to have a clean surrounding and it will be kept clean for as long as they see it. So they keep cleaning it whenever they see a little bit of dirt over there.

The image of dirt is conditioned with the norm of unsafe, which makes them clean it over and over again. At one point of time, the situation is triggered so frequently that, it exceeds the normal level. That is where the compulsive cleaning or ritual part starts.

People suffering from this kind of disorder are likely to do the followings in a recurring manner. Cleaning and sprucing, such as trying to keep the hands clear by or brushing the teeth over and over again. To get rid off the dirt cleaning the same place for several times is another sign of obsessive compulsive cleaning. And after doing that these people seek continuous assurance and justification. They are never sure about their actions. They just need continuous reinforcements. These provide them a mental peace, without which fall into deep depression and stress. Anything beyond their regular schedule of excessive cleaning makes them insane. They just keep feeling that, something bad will happen if the desired behavior is not done as early as possible.

The perfect treatment for this kind of problem is cognitive behavioral therapy. To make it a more effective one, the combination of medication and the psychological ones can be done. They have to get themselves out of the reinforcement schedule which makes them do the recurring job. They have to also be sure about the normal course of life and try to pursue it.

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