Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation becomes addiction when the practice of masturbating becomes too frequent. It involves sexual orgasm by manual stimulation often with hands. It is done by touching or rubbing the sex organs softly or vehemently. It often results from the desire for climax in sexual feelings. Even people with sex partners tend to masturbate. They have a perception that the pleasure is more intense and the orgasm can be achieved more easily compared to sexual intercourse.

The teenage boys have more addiction towards this practice. The changes in adolescent period make the, feel curious about their body. Often they do it for a source of pleasure and many take it as a pastime. The flow of porn movies on the internet also arouses the sexual desire of the teenagers. Besides, there are some masturbation products like vibrator which helps increase the addiction.

Though masturbation addiction is seen negatively, it has no serious negative effect on the body function.

Rather, it has some advantages. It is the primary and the safest source of knowledge about the functions of the sexual organs. It helps to increase the sexual performance according to some doctors. It helps prevent both premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation. It also relives pain caused by headaches, cramps or joints. Chronic pain gets relieved after orgasm by masturbation. It can cause check insomnia.

But excessive masturbation can cause harm to the penis. Constant masturbation causes the penis swell and pain. A liquid is released to the tissue called ‘oedema’ though it again joins the blood stream. Masturbation often surpasses the intensity of sexual intercourse and the physical demand of the spouse could be ignored which can effect emotionally those persons. There are several cures which can be applied such as psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, group therapy etc. Trough in modern context, masturbation is considered a safe and natural practice.

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