Kleptomania is a tempting insists on stealing substance of small value. The people who are suffered with this chaos are constrained to steal the things which are not so valuable. These things are such like pen, paper, clip or something like those things. These patients are not aware when they are going for steal.

Kleptomania was recognized by in US for the first time as the mental disorder. It was discovered in 1960 in the California.

Kleptomania is illustrious from normal theft, as thieves and shoplifters are normally steal for those items which has monetary value, or those items those are very valuable and those are going for sell then lost money can be get. Kleptomania people are something different as we already said. They are going for steal those items which are almost valueless. These things the patient did without his or her own wish. They did this in the unconscious mind. They do not have any control over them on that time. These people are caught many times. Only 5% of all thieves are come from this disorder people.

This chaos more often than not manifest during teenage years and, in very few cases, it may last for all the lifelong of a person. The people who has these problem they also turn themselves in many other problems. For this works they always live in depression. Anxiety is regular friend of them. So, it is very hard for them to live. This problem also can be come after the traumatic brain injury.

Finally, it can be said that it very hard to find out these people, and these people also do not understand that they have this problem. But this problem can be solved for the reason that after finding this problem the person needs to take enough treatment.

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