Gaming Addiction

Gaming addiction or video gaming addiction is become the greatest concern matter for the present world. Gaming addiction is something that a person is addicted with the games of the computer, thats why they are using computer in a great way. Children are mainly addicted with this problem. But it is also found in todays world that many aged people are also affected by this addiction.

At first lets find out the reason behind this problem. The main reason is in todays worlds children are not find enough place for play in the field. And in the today is so much separated. It is also found that a child do not find their parents in their lazier, because they are busy in that time for their own cause. That is why at that time these children do not have any work to do. That is why they find the only way to pass the time by games. These games are so much attracting and eye catching and also very interesting. So the children are using this regularly. After using this frequently it becomes the addiction of them.

There are also some important causes behind these addictions. Like the gaming corporation is getting the full support of media thats why they can reach at their target customer so easily. Another reason is, in most of cases it found out that gaming is permitted by parents so there nothing can stop those children to play games.

There several problems are behind this addiction. First become the cause of harm of study. Many children leave school only for playing games. It is also harmful for body. It makes problem in eyes. Sitting on chair for long also become the cause of backbone pain.

At last, it is needed to say that gaming addiction is become a great threat for every one of us. It should need to stop now.

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