Sports Performance

Improving Sports Performance

In every persons life sport is great factor, no matter that is professionals or not. Ever child should play some
sports in their childhood because it instills aggressiveness, vigilance, leadership and improvisation into them.
Performance in sports depends on a number of factors. For example, practice, preparation, the mind set, the urge to
win, the capability of handling pressure, stamina, and stress etc. The performance mainly depends on two broad
factors, physical and psychological ones. Performance is an integration of these two and without one of these the
performance will surely go down.

If one wants to perform well then he or she ahs to integrate both of these. The physical factors are matter of
continuous development. The capability of an athlete is developed by years of practice. For this they have to be
patient and focused. They have to set the goal and struggle to achieve this. Rigorous practice sessions are
required for most of the sports, so for this physical capability has to be increased. The athlete always has to
take care of the stamina level and has to be alarmed about it all the time. Before any kind of performance an
athlete has to go through a lot of stresses which may interrupt regular practice sessions. He or she has to learn
to deal with it successfully.

Sometimes the pressure of the performance weakens the athletes nerve. They persistently take stress which
affects their performance badly. The expectation of success is another determinant factor of the performance.
Sometimes people tend to expect a lot from their performance. Whenever they see they things are not going in favor
of them, they start to loose nerve and it affects the performance. They focus on the negative side of the
performance rather than focusing on the strong side of them. Sports people should possess a strong mentality which
can not be shattered easily.

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