Tennis Serve

Tennis Serve

Serve is the very element part of the tennis game. Without the serve the game cannot start. So it is very
important for a tennis player serve the ball perfectly as he can start the game perfectly.

Now let’s find out what the tennis serve is and lets find out more explanation over it. For gaining a point in
playing tennis, what shot a player starts with to get it is identified as serve. Player does that by taking the
tennis ball and tossing it to the air and hit it to the opposite end where the other player is waiting. If the ball
goes to the opposite end by not touching the net then it called a good serve, but if the ball touches the net while
serving then its called as a fault serve. If the player makes two faults at a time then the opposition player will
get a point. It is very important that the foot of the player should never be touching the center line before the
ball is being served to the opposition end. There is also another kind of serve happened, which is called let only
if the ball hits directly to the net cord and it lands on the service court, then the serve is being retaken but
its not considered as fault serve.

For the starter, it is very hard to make a good serve, which very much crucial for the game. But once the
starter has been nurtured then it will be a piece of cake for that person. The player can get a point from a serve
too, thats call an ace serve. An ace serve requires the should not be touching the net first of all and then it
should beat the opposite player, for that the player who is going to get an ace serve, need to gather an immense
power as well as skill to get a point from an ace serve.

There are various types of serve, but all of it needs power with the skill that can be developed through
practice. The player should be trained in a way that the receiver gets frightened and that person gets the point at

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