Ten Pin Bowling

Ten Pin Bowling

Ten-pin bowling is a very famous game. It is also known as bowling. The player of this game is known as bowler.
The bowler rolls the ball on a lane which is made of wood and it is straight as well in order to get points they
have to hit the pins that have been in a position so that the bowler can hit those by rolling the bowl. The bowler
is allowed to bowl two times to knock the pins down and the game is composed of ten frames and the bowler can roll
the two times from first frame to ninth frame, where the last frame allows the bowler to roll three times the ball
towards the pins.

The point allocation is pretty different like, if the bowler knocked down all of the pins at the very first ball
then the bowler was awarded a strike mark which means the bowler gets 10 points. If the bowler knocked the pins
down at the second ball then it is called a spare and here the point is also ten along with the points the person
is going to get in the very next throw.

So far the rules of the game are pretty much fair and so is the competition. The ten-pin bowings ten frame
allocations highest total is so far 300 points, which means in every frame there has to be strike to get that
point. In order to do well in this game the nerve of the bowler has to be sharp along with the target of the ball
is always has to be on the pins, so that by not missing the pins the bowler faces any penalty. In this regard ten
pin bowling is a great source of entertainment, if you wish you can give a try to your nearby bowling court.

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