Quick Off the Blocks

Quick Off the Blocks

This world is for those people who are fast, vigilant and brave. Because this world is full of odds and in each
and every step a fear of being stumbled exists. Those who can react successfully to these odds those are the worthy
one in this earth. People have to be alarmed all the time. They have to be quick off the blocks.

Being quick off the blocks needs a lot of stuffs. It is an evolving process and it can not be done instantly. A
number of factors have to be integrated for this, for example- education, knowledge, improvisation, agility,
confidence and much more. Education helps people to sharpen their brain but if it is only bookish ones, in the long
run it will be of no work. People have to gather both of these, because gradually they will be experienced ones and
will know how to react according to situation. People need to have utter confidence and self belief. They have to
set the belief that that, if they try hard then they can set triumph over anything. They have to think positive and
possess a positive attitude towards life. They have to be courageous because it keeps them moving.

All of these give the ability to an individual to be quick off the blocks. When these are incorporated with a
person, he or she is likely to be out smart everyone. This world is not for the cowards neither for the slow
people. To cope with the present age we have to be fast, there is no alternative for this. Life will smile only
upon those people are quick off the blocks. Because these struggle a lot to be in this position and it also takes a
lot of courage. Life consistently proves the saying, fortune favors the brave.

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