Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Martial arts are basically various forms of systematized self-defense techniques and art of combat. Its a
weaponless art which is designed to defeat the opponents and overcoming threats. These techniques were originated
in the Middle East and later developed in China and Tibet which have now become competitive sports. Japan and Korea
also practice martial arts traditionally. It penetrated Europe around 750 B.C. Martial arts had its root in
religions and philosophy. Taoism and Buddhism have influence this art form in the sub continent.

There are multiple styles of martial arts. It varies within several disciplines. It depends on the patterns of
movement and physiological demands. Major five categories are striking styles, weapons based styles, grappling
styles, low impact styles, and Hybrid Sports Style. Besides, there are forms called Boxing, Kung Fu, judo, Karate,
aikido, Hsing, kendo, Kickboxing, Sumo, Tae Kwon Do etc.

Tae Kwon Do is most popular martial art. It is more intense and involves bunch of movements including punching,
twisting, kicking, blocking, and leaping. Judo has short duration that can last 7 or 8 minutes. The weaponry forms
use swords and involves acrobatics sometimes. Martial arts have been a part of the Olympic sports and other major
global tournaments. They have specific rules and regulations.

Martial arts can be advantageous in various spheres of life. It’s the primary source of self defense. Regular
practice of martial arts improves bodys flexibility. It has several psychological and spiritual aspects. It
enhances the self control and the concentration power and focus are strengthened. It also helps build the
coordination between mind and soul. Some specific forms help improve the immune system of the body and the muscles
get stronger. In modern war field, martial arts are practiced to hold the weapons in various awkward positions and
even in fighting the enemy.

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