Martial Arts Perfect Timing

Martial Arts Perfect Timing

In martial arts, every technique can be executed with more effectiveness if the timing becomes impeccable. To
perfect the timing, the body needs for flexibility which can be achieved through several training session and
sparring practices. An excellent perception of the reflexes and movements can sharpen the timing skills. The
punches, kicks or weaponry skills have their own timing measurements.

To improve the timing, the time required more specific movements need to be shortened. It will help combine the
individual movements or stroke into smooth flow of martial action. The continuity of the action and flexibility
will increase consequently.

The reaction of movements received from the opponents or any obstacle are mainly instinctive. This instinct can
be strengthened by continuous training. A little session of hypnosis can help the course. Some speed training
includes agility training or enhancing flexibility. These skills should be put to test to reduce excessive
movements and control the biomechanical phenomenon of the body.

To gain speed in each movements, one should pick one skill at a time and increase the speed to examine the
reaction of the body. If one can maintain the same refinement with added speed, the movements should be continued
and further speed should be increased which will eventually improve the timing.

In advanced stages, the intensity is increased in case of punches and kicks. While executing a kick, the weight
needs to be transformed on the leg which acts the support in the floor to give more power to the kicking leg. It
will stabilize the posture. Proper positioning of the hands is vital to this perfection of timing. Just before
making the move, relaxing and maintain a subtle amount of tension is necessary. It saves energy for the upcoming
movement and reduces the amount of pressure needed to move the body.

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