Golf Perfect Swing

Golf – Perfect Swing

As most of the instructor a perfect swing is just a myth. If anyone keeps their eyes on PGA tours and other golf
related tournament then this myth word which is used without any doubt. Though the myth refers that a perfect swing
comes normally but the reality is, it is also true that perfect swing depends on very common essentials. The first
one them is grip. A perfect grip is very helpful for the swing. The next one is aim. The player who will be going
for the shot his aim is very important for the swing. And the last one which can influence the perfect that is

The swing in golf is not so much critical but it becomes critical if a person thins so much about this. A
perfect swing is depending on different aspects. The first one is rhythm. A person cannot make the good swing
unless we can the person has a good rhythm. Motion is also related with the perfect swing. The main object of the
swing is the down swing. Sometimes the player make a very fast back swing which is not good for the down swing, so
the player should need to aware about this.

Now, to make the back swing perfect the player needs to know that perfect back swing starts from the arm not
from the hand. So, the player needs to understand that how much weight he needs to give on the arm. Giving an
overweight and weight can create negative club speed, and this is the reason behind the bad swing.

After the back swing let?s see what the down swing. As we said before it is totally depends on backswing. If the
backswing is perfect and that make the shot perfect and which is helpful to create a good swing.

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