Golf Hitting Over Hazards

Golf – Hitting Over Hazards

Hazards are a very common name in the golf area. As the name gives us the signal it makes lots of problems in
the normal speed of the game of golf. The main role of these hazards is to create obstacle to the game. It is given
as the rules of the golf as if the game becomes more interesting and competitive. The main challenges of the
players are go over these hazards and put on the hole.

Now, there are mainly three types of hazards, these are water hazards, bunkers and the last one is natural
hazards such as vegetation. All of these hazards have different quality to create different types of problem to the
players. Lets discuss about these, first of all let?s talk about the bunkers. It takes little places on the green
which is filled with the sand. It is very difficult to move out the ball from this. There are three types of
bunkers. These are fairways bunkers, greenside bunkers and waste bunkers. All of these bunkers has different
attribute which can make different problem to the players. Now it?s time to talk about the water hazards. There are
mainly two types of water hazards these are lateral hazards which is marked with red shakes and the other one is
normal water hazards which is marked as yellow shakes.

To hit over the hazards a person needs to do some work with all of his attention. The first thing is to grip the
golf stick. It must be gripped 1 to 2 inches over than the normal grip. If the player shot with this placement of
grip then it becomes so helpful to hit the ball over the hazards. The player also need to know about the placements
of the hazards as if they can know what type of accuracy is needed.

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