Overcome Affluenza

Overcome Affluenza

Affluenza is a state of mind where an individual wants to consume more and more even tough it is completely
unnecessary. The people affected by Affluenza always suffer from a mentality of deprivation. Their actual state and
the desired state of necessities keeps maintain a huge gap, which is never diminished. Though their actual state
gets close to the desired one, but Affluenza keep pushing the desired state higher and higher. So the gap between
these two is never balanced. It is pretty much practical to have the desire to get more and more. If this is under
limit, then there is no problem with. But if the limit is crossed, the problem starts and this is where the
Affluenza comes into action.

To overcome Affluenza, a person needs to have control over his or her thinking. In most cases, people have no
control over their thinking as well as their actions. These kinds of people that, they have the right to get any
thing whatever they want. Most of the privileged people have these types of notions inside them. They like to have
anything out of the whimsical thoughts, even though they have practically no need for these or they have these in
abundant. Sometimes their position in the society triggers Affluenza within them. So their mental infrastructure
has to be changed.

Apart from these, the problem can be alleviated if an individual gets proper direction from their family. There
are some brats out there who want to possess over every thing that they see around them. So from the very initial
stage, if they are guided in a right process, then later it will be affecting their thinking. By this, they will be
able to differentiate between the need and the Affluenza. They will know what exactly there are required to do.

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