Money Maximiser

Money Maximiser

Money, a simple word consisting of just five letters weigh much more than it sound. It is the device that rules
the present world. From the beginning of a day to the finishing, whatever we do is aimed at making the life a more
one for us. And money is the thing that usually makes the life beautiful and comfortable one for us. We always have
a tendency to maximize it. The more we get it, the more we want. It is a never-ending demand. We have myth that
maximization of money will enable us to buy all the happiness and comfort of life. But it is not rue. In our
childhood, most probably, every one of us has heard a saying, excess of anything is bad. Ad to be honest, excess of
money is the worst.

We all need money. It is an enduring truth. No one can ignore it. To maximize the money we need to focus on some
factors. These factors can be termed as money maxi miser. The factors include the ability of hard work
determination, self belief, intelligence and the capability to cope with the changing world. The first and foremost
requirement is you have to be a hard worker. There is no history that any one has become a wealthy one just by a
normal course of life. They have to enhance their capability of working more and more. Even an individual, who
earns money in unethical way, has to work hard. It has no alternative.

Apart from this, you have to be determined and focused. You have to keep in mind that, you are going to set
triumphs in your life and no one can stop you. You have to believe in yourself. But sometimes this enduring demand
drives people crazy. So stick to the logic and then set your goal what you want to achieve.

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