Worry Less About Your Kids

Worry Less About Your Kids

It’s natural for parents to look out for the well being of their children and actively seek to
protect them from harm. This is an important survival instinct on which the success of our species depends. But the
very strength of instinctive drives can also render them overpowering – sometimes to the point where they become

In the case of parental worry, this can lead to molly-coddled children who miss out on the
opportunity to develop their own survival and independence skills. But it can also lead to stressed out parents and
stressed out parents find it harder to make wise parenting decisions.

The Worry Less About Your Children Hypnosis Collection was developed to help parents who realize
that their over-concern for their children is having a negative impact on themselves as well as their children, and
who seek a more balanced, objective approach. The pre-talk looks at the factors that lead to an escalation in
unwarranted worry, and at what is necessary to bring worry responses down to a safe level.

The induction leads the client through a kind of primer on instinctual learning, helping them
understand how they learn better as they relax more. The client then undergoes an experiential balancing process
where they discover how to re-align aspects of themselves which have gone out of kilter. This will help them to
naturally worry less about their children and allow them to be calmer and more objective in many other situations

So it’s clearly very valuable to be able to take control over one’s parental anxiety levels and
manage them so that you can be concerned for your children in a healthy, constructive way. It’s not about being an
irresponsible parent who doesn’t care. It’s about knowing when to fret and when not to, and being able to do
either, as appropriate.


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