Team Family

Team Family

Team family mainly represent a family.It also means that all of member in this family live altogether like a
team. This team family have only one way to share its values and that is family team meetings. During family team
meetings members share their feelings. They discuss family dreams and goals. They decide upon tasks and choose who
will do them. Family team meetings are a place where parents and kids can support each other during hard times.
Regular family team meetings can strengthen the bond between family members. Values are learned while members work
together at the meetings. For example, if parents show fairness and respect at the meetings, kids will come to know
that these are values of the family. Family team meetings do not need to be formal, meal times or after meal times
are possible choices. It is important to include the whole family as often as everyone can come.

Family values shape the goals that families choose. If a family decides to visit a grandparent twice a week,
they may be expressing values of family unity and respect for aging members. A family that values reading might
plan a weekly family trip to the library. Another family that values study to advance at work or school might
choose the same goal. Family teams works toward their goals by sharing tasks. Tasks that are new to any member can
first be done with a family ‘buddy” who knows how to do the task. A young child may need help in the wiping the
sink. A parent who has never done the wash may need help in separating light and dark clothing. The members at a
family meeting may make decisions about who will do which task and if it is time to change the plan. Certain
decisions are not made at family meetings. Parents must make them alone or with other adults.

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