Stay at Home Mom

Stay at Home Mom

For any kind of family the most demanding person to all the group members is the female figurehead. Without a
female a family is completely blank. Each and every member of the family has a need to this lady and for the
children their mom is almost everything. It does not necessarily mean that the father has nothing to do with them.
But in most cases the mother plays the lead role. When this mother is out of the home all the time, it creates a
bad impression on the children. The children are negatively associated with the family and it also affects their
growing up process.

Every child wants to get close to the mother. They want to get maximum affection and love from the mom. She is
their best mate. All the day they get an amusement by bothering the mom. They tend to know the whole world by
watching their mother’s sweet and loving face. The mom represents the whole earth for them. The mom is everything.
But when this mom is out of home for most of the time the children feel lonely. There may be a number of relatives
and near ones surrounding the children. But the mom has no comparison. Her love and affection have no match.

When the children tend to grow up in a situation where mother is absent most of the time, they are being
mentally distracted. Their life get shattered and it will be not interesting to see a sudden burst of anger by
them. Inside every child’s heart there is been a voice, which is consistently yelling demanding the mom to stay
close to them all the time. Life becomes pretty much meaningless for the children when the mom is not at home most
of time during a day.

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