Patient Parent

Patient Parent

Parents are considered to be the best mate that a child could ever have. They are the one who become shelter in
all odds, they are the mentors of life and in some cases they become a role model for their children. But it is not
an easy job to gain such a position for their children. It needs some specific qualities and most of the parents
crave for these. Patient is one of those significant qualities. Patient parent can be a helpful resource for a
child from whom he or she can get the education of life. The patience is needed from the starting of a child’s
life. When a child first sees the light of the world, it needs the parents to be patient. In each and every step of
nurturing the child it takes a number of tests of parent’s patience.

The parents have to be patient whenever their child talks something. The child may talk completely irrelevant,
it may make no sense but it is important to pretend like an attentive audience. Because a child always seeks
response, if it sees that, its parents are not paying attention then it creates a negative impression in them. This
kind of communication gap is a hindrance in developing good relationship.

The parents always should try to give maximum time to their children. It is common phenomena in the present
world that, most of the children are spoiled for this reason. Giving maximum time is a matter of patience and
convenience. They have to always keep themselves. It is very obvious that, children will do something non sense and
exactly that is why they deserve a lot of time and patience from the parents. The parents should make a balance of
strictness and softness in their behavior. Patience is the key to create a great relationship between the parents
and the children.

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