Not Your Parents

It is always a tough job to predict what life is preparing for you. It is may be going to gift us the happiest moment of your lifetime or it can also be the most eerie situation of your life. Life is the master of versatility, this versatility can be favorable for you or it can ruin your life instantly. Sometimes an event which you never even imagined can change the whole course of life. It can put you in such a situation where there is no option left for without accepting the uncertainty. You have to be mentally prepared for this kind of shock, but to be honest; you can not take preparation for everything. These unwelcomed situations come and blow way your life.

The people with whom you are consistently connecting with from childhood are your parents. But if one day you come to know that, they are not your parents then the storm that starts inside you can not be described in words. This is may be the most shocking incident that an individual could have ever experienced. At first, this might seemed to be an illusion for you. You will keep ignoring the situation, trying to believe that, what you have heard is nothing but a total myth. You may treat it as the weirdest and annoying joke that might have ever heard. Then you will keep searching for the truth. After searching for the truth, when you find it you were wrong. It seemed to be having little meaning of existing in this cruel earth.

A sudden burst of depression swallows your life and indulges you in the state of never ending pain. You will consistently push yourself to avoid it, but some truths are better not to be avoided. These should be faced with courage and you need to live the life through this.

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