Enjoy Motherhood

Enjoy Motherhood

By the definition motherhood is something which means the state of being mother, or a concerned
group of mother. From the definition we have found that motherhood is something which describes the condition of a
woman when she turns into a mom of her child. It is something different feeling and totally different condition of
a woman than any other condition of her life. To be adopt with the new condition of life it is very important to
enjoy this time, otherwise it is very hard to pass this moments.

Lets find out what types of problems are normally faced by woman in motherhood. First problem is
to understand what the necessary things are important to do during this time. Second problem is for some
environmental problem like the bad financial condition many woman of this world are unable to express her

To solve the problem what is important to do by a woman is to observe her own thought. For this
most effective way is to analyze are the things which are effecting her emotion. She needs to draw a picture of her
child in her mind. She needs to understand what type of emotion does this picture arises in her mind. Before the
woman was thinking about herself only now the thinking of her child comes in first. This is different types of
enjoyable feeling. A woman must need to understand this.

When a woman turns into mother than she must need to grow a mentality in herself and that is
accepting mentality. The child of the woman may wants a lots of things to the mother, when she starts to accept all
of those things than she will start to feel something very enjoyable thing in this work.

Finally when a woman find all of her focus turns into the child than she will find very joy in
this thinking of her.


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