Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome is characterized by the thoughts of dejection, depression, and grief experienced by the
parents when children in the mature age leave them. This may take place when the children start going to collage or
get married. Women are the worst sufferer of this kind of this kind of depression. This name has been coined from
the birds? nest. During this, mothers usually pass through some events whose are poised to be negative for them.
The same can happen for them, who raised the child and took care of them. Men can also feel the same

It’s usual for a mother to undergo depression when the child leaves home. It is also obvious to weep over time.
They can also try to cope with the loneliness by wandering around the child?s room or go to the bedroom picturing
her child to be in this room. Some times mothers become so frustrated they can not stop crying and continue it for
several days. They may stop taking food and their daily life is been seriously disturbed.

Sometimes this problem gets so severe that, they stop talking with people. What they do is that, they keep
sitting lonely and suddenly start crying. At one point of time, they get weak and can not continue with their daily
routines. These all hamper he health severely and they can not stop it happening.

For this, other family members lives are also hampered to a great extent. For coping with this, the mother can
distract herself by keeping herself busier in daily life activities. They may go out with others and refresh their
mind. They also can take a break of their usual life and go out for a visit with her spouse or the dear ones. They
have to believe, the whole family rely on them, so they have to strong.

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