Telesales Confidence

Telesales Confidence

We all know that a positive mental attitude is vital to successful telesales. If people make those sales call
feeling like a nuisance and expecting their prospect to tell them where to get off then their attitude will
transmit to their prospect and will put them off. If they find themself becoming increasingly de-motivated with
each call and worrying about their tally and record then they need to have a change of feeling and thinking around
their calls. Just like playing a sport such as golf they need to forget the call that went before and forget about
the calls to come and just be ‘in the moment’ with the call that they are making. Confident teleselling is all
about acquiring the right mind set.

This session will focus on getting them relaxed, poised focused calm and effective on the phone. With confident
telesales they’ll become better at being compelling and ‘painting pictures in their prospects minds’ with the words
that they use.they’ll have the chance to start building instant rapport with their prospects and focus their mind
on the benefits of what they are offering. Here are some confidence-building tips related to telesales:

Sales are about service: Your job is to find out if people have a need that your product can meet. Or a problem
that you can solve.

Youre an ambassador, not just an agent: As a customer, peoples are not calling you; peoples are calling the big,
successful company that you work for. And since this company has presumably developed, branded, marketed, and sold
a product those appeals to thousands, perhaps millions, of people, people expect its employees to have some
confidence and expertise.

Diagnose your own discomfort and then treat it: Given that you do a great job on the customer service portion of
the call.

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