Stop Crying at Work

Stop Crying at Work

uman beings are sent in this earth for some purposes. According to different religions, the purpose may vary a
little. But in every religion work has been inspired. We need to be active because that is how system works. It is
a continuous pressure and hardly any people love it, but no matter what happen we have to go through this. But
sometimes the stress level goes beyond tolerance limit. At one point we become completely unable to carry on with
pressure. We wish if you could yell at the boss or we could start screaming. That would most probably let the
pressure go off us. But it can not be done in silent. So the option we are left with is crying. It is last of the
things down the list that we would like to do to deal with stress.

Crying is not a solution neither it can deal with stress level or uncertainty of the job. It is just biased
state of mind that we like to adopt. We have a mindset chose this option rather than looking for some other option
which will work out nicely. To get rid of this, we can do several things, such as- when anticipate that, the
waterworks are likely to begin we can take a deep breathe in. we can try to distract ourselves from the particular
event or get ourselves away from people. It will give us a chance to take a tour inside our heart where we may find
some aspirations which will let us stop crying.

Another aspect has to be considered relating this. If we start crying at work, it proves that, we can not handle
situation. So it is for our goodwill, we should stop crying at work and possess a strong mentality which will lead
us to success.

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