Motivation at Work

Motivation at Work

There are many factors in the workplace which can make you successful and vise versa. These are the major
determinants of your success and failure. Motivation at workplace is one of those. You can be a brilliant person
but in specific situations you will be stumbling without the help from certain factors. Motivation is like that. It
can pull you out from nothing. In the workplace, motivation keeps you going. There is always a latent need of
motivation deep inside the heart. It gives you a nudge to make your work better. It is a reinforcement which is
necessary for every kind of people.

Motivation helps you to overcome the stress, anxiety and these sorts of negative things which are the typical
obstacles for employers to improve their productivity. So if these negatives aspects are coaxed from the work, then
it will result in higher productivity. So it will be helpful for both employer and employee. Motivation can be of
different types, such as rewards for better performance, appraisal etc. if an employer performances better, then he
or she should be motivated by different of rewards which can be of monetary or other fringe benefits. Already many
popular organizations are using this tactics to motivate the employers and get the best out of them. Researches
have shown them, these motivations increase their productivity level by almost twenty to twenty five percent.

Appraisal for better performance is also important because almost every one of us crave for recognition. Every
human being wants others to praise them when they have done something better, something exceptional. It gives them
a nudge to give their best shot next time and set a benchmark for other. If it is not done, then people are not
motivated. It often leads to a lower quality of work.

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