Charge What You Are Worth

Charge What You Are Worth

Charge what you are worth means a man should charge what he really worth is. Its a common phobia for many people
to worth much more then the real is. There also some people who are afraid to charge what the worth really is.

Lets find out who are charging more. It is mainly done by the businesspeople, we all know that these people are
always lie to earn more so, whenever they finds the chance to charge more they are just love to take that chance.
They dont care about other people, whatever others are badly affected by this or not.

Now, we cannot say only the business people charge more, there are also some people who charge more. Like just
think about the banks, whenever they get the chance to increase the loan interest rate they do that with a very
happy mood, there is mercy here. But when it wills a matter of decrease it then the pace will not be same as when
it was increase. Lets think about a doctor. He is in a great occupation, but when they have private hospital they
are charging more than others, because they find the chance here. These are not only people actually people who get
this chance they will take this.

Now, learn about some people with a different taste than the upper people. These people are feeling afraid to
chare more. Most of them are female and the problem is they like to have divorce. On that condition they have to
get something from his past husband but for the fear he cannot do that. Also when a weak group and a strong are
going for fight for land than sometimes the weak group goes backward, may be they are right, but still they back
down for fear.

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