Asking for a Raise

Asking for a Raise

In the modern life it is common phenomena of asking of a raise. It is not only a personal matter
but actually an economic scenario. For the reason of economic inflation the price of every product is going up in
every day. For that reason every people are seeking for more money thats why people are asking for a raise.

Now lets see from when these phenomena started. Actually it was started from the very beginning
of the money era. People are always like to have lot o money in their pocket. That is why they are just looking for
the opportunity to ask for a raise.

Lets find out the places, where the people are asking for a raise. First turn our eyes on to
family life. We know in todays world the price of everything is going up every day. That is why the cost of family
bearing is going so high, so the family members are asking for raise the amount of money to the family leader.

Then just think about different offices. There we see that the lower employee level is always
asking for raise their compensation. Other common phenomena we always can see in Garments factories, especially in
third world countries that the garment worker are always asking for raise their monthly compensation.

Lets look at the business people. They are also always asking for increase raise the price of
the product. For that reason the price of the product goes high and high. We also can see that house owner is also
asking for raise the rent rate of house, and the workers who work in those houses they are also asking for raise
their work rate.

Next thing we can find that also that is government is also asking for raise their tax rate in
different sectors. At last we can say that though everyone is asking for raise the price rate but that actually
make our life so measurable.


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